Photography Collaboration with Nico Kingston

I’m very excited to announce that a fellow Washington, DC photographer and I have teamed up into a pretty badass photo duo, if I do say so myself. Nico Kingston is an amazing photographer. I met him through the Brazilian Zouk dance scene here in DC and found we also share a love of photography.

Now we’re offering photo shoots! We specialize in dance, engagement, and special events.

What We Offer

  1. Fun. We have fun together, and will make the experience enjoyable for you, too.

  2. Balance. We prepare and go with the flow. We’ll scope out the scene early, but seize the opportunity to use a unique tree, rain puddle, or perfect shadow that we see on the spot.

  3. Passion. We seriously love photography, and are going to create the best images for you because we love the craft.

  4. Creativity. We’re not cookie-cutter; we both have different strengths that will give you unique images that you don’t see from others.

  5. Speed. Like I said, we love photography, including editing. We’ll get you your images the same week, in formats you can put on Instagram right away, or blow up for your living room.

  6. Quality. Our gear is top-notch and while we won’t bore you with the specs, just know it’s the best you can get.




Engagement Puddle
2019-01-06 08.02.25 1.jpg

We’re so excited to share our love of photography with you. If you’d like to do a photo session with us, just get in touch below!